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Who we are

Exyplis is the company that specializes in providing flexible, high-quality customer support in the format of outsourcing solutions based on advanced technologies. We are bringing some new breath to the market using proven solutions and our own best practices. Our aim is to create effective communication with you and the leading technological infrastructures. Exyplis strives to constantly improve service quality, increasing profitability and success of our customers.

Technical support

How it works

85 85% of requests we close remotely
24/7 We available 24/7
20 We will be in your office in 20 minutes.

Cost of technical support is calculated individually, depending on your infrastructure state.


Exyplis provides complete cycle services for development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions. The accumulated knowledge and experience allow Exyplis team to successfully perform tasks of various complexity in different aspects: developing, adapting and integrating enterprise solutions of varying complexity, creating mobile and web applications, etc.


IT Consulting
Custom software development
CRM CRM systems
Application maintenance and support
Enterprise apps integrations
This is a brief outline of Exyplis profile, for more detailed information please contact our managers.

Outsourcing call center

Exyplis outsourcing contact center provides a full range of services in this scope. Our team works with every customer personally, regardless a company size. We use both standard methods of running projects and absolutely new approaches, developed by our team based on customer requests.

What we do

Hot line 0-800
Database actualisation
Accepting orders
Fallback CC
i Info calls
Technical support
Online chat
$ Work with debtors