Technical support

Technical support is a service for those who want to avoid chaos in their work. We’ll help you to provide uninterrupted work of the company. With the help of special services, our specialists can remotely help you to solve quickly 80 % of problems -from installing and setting the necessary software to solving server hardware problems.

Support services

Needs analysis. Search for solutions. Solution. Prevention of problems.

You don’t need to hire a sysadmin anymore, because remote technical support will quickly solve any problem you have and of course will work quickly, so you won’t have to wait for the IT expert.

Technical services

  • Software, server and client operating systems installation and configuration
  • Installation and repair of network equipment
  • LAN recovery
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting

Service support

  • Server and workstation maintenance
  • Technical and software user support
  • Management of office equipment
  • Scheduled and emergency visits of experts
  • Training in the IT tools using, writing instructions

Other services


We create a product that you need: functional, convenient, individual for your company. Our main task is to solve the existing problems by creating CRM systems, mobile and desktop applications of any...


Design is a visual component of the brand, which increases its recognizability, inspires consumer confidence and creates the impression of a strong and prosperous company.

Call center

An outsourced contact center adapts to the needs of your business and provides it with high-quality communication with customers through the necessary connection channels.

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