Any business is made by a professional team. We at Exyplis know this firsthand. Once you trust us, you will get the best team without investing in the training and organization of their work.

Business oriented. Professionals. Creative. Always hear you out. Keep deadlines.

You can check out our works in the portfolio. They are distinguished by bright design and reasonable functionality. It’s provided by a united and friendly team. Its members constantly listen to each other and keep in touch with the customer. We won’t leave you in ignorance and will keep you informed about all stages of the project.

Customers choose us because we are

5 years experience

From year to year we make your business better, grow rapidly to follow new trends and always be the best.

team of professionals

Our team is professionals, bright talents with diverse experience to solve any problems.

the full-stack capabilities

We combine a team of Developers, Designers, Technical support and a remote Call center. We take care of your business comprehensively.

Our professional team is a living organism where every element fulfils a function. We spent years building such a team and achieved outstanding results. Our customers don’t have to spend days training people, and their business is launched in the shortest possible time. The system is established so perfectly that the smallest changes in the project are immediately reported to all team members and the work is corrected immediately.

Our team

Our work is exceptional because our people are exceptional.
Dmitriy Smirnov CEO
Artem Panov CFO
Kostiantyn Bozhko CTO
Oleksiy Kishinskyi co-founder
Evgen Zima Project Manager
Emmanuel Munteh Sales manager
Baranets Alyona Account Manager
Jane Telker UX/UI and Graphic Designer
Bilous Alina Graphic Designer
Yuriy Nikolaenko Game developer
Vladislav Skuridin Team Lead
Marina Astafieva WEB developer
Vladislav Pomazan WEB developer
Vitaliy Mineichev WEB developer
Anton Diachkov WEB developer
Vladislav Saenko WEB developer
Anton Yevchik WEB developer
Dmytriy Smirnov WEB developer
Vlad Lysenko WEB developer
Mikhail Chipik Support engineer
Alexander Atapin Support engineer
Sergey Gladyr Support engineer
Ivakhnenko Oleksandr Support engineer
Yakovenko Stanislav Support engineer

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